Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Out of the blues

I was bored. All I had was my phone camera. Bunch of boyz feeding fishes by the lake in the campus.
Bromance isn't it. The quote says it all.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Deadmau5 in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, 7th May 2011 - One hell of a rave party. Solid. 
All I know is, I only paid RM 60 for my tickets ! woot ! The crowd is crazy, and the music was awesome. I would say that rave party by Deadmau5 was fun. Opening by Patrick Oliver, TV Rock, and Le Funk to start the evening. Strobe and Animal Rights was eargasmic. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Deadmau5, or a person who knows all his songs, I do enjoy most of the time and I would say, its a good night to rave even if you don't know who's on the stage.
The full LED concert was amazing as the presentation was stunning. LED all over that mouse's head and a full LED backdrop as well as a full LED stage. Constantly entertained by amazing LED performance and illustrations.

* I was floating when he played strobe, because the mau5 made us all ponder. I felt it. 

Sunday, 17 April 2011


*Dj Xu =D
Was working for Fiona's Birthday Party @ JW Marriott KL
DJ XU from Lapsap was spinning and it was awesome ! The Liquor and Cigars are FREEFLOW !! Boss made sure WE had drinks on our table at all times, everytime she comes by, we gotta down our drink. She "bribed" the waiter to make sure my cup is always filled with liquor. I can say, I was pretty tipsy that night. The theme for the night was MAFIA. So everyone had to dress up like one. I know I look nothing like one thanks to my kiddo face but the ladies and gentlemen's there spent a lot buying their outfits. It was an expensive birthday party. It was really fun. I enjoyed.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

2nd Home

*Taylors Lake Side @ roughly 7pm during Sunset

I've been staying back in campus pretty much lately, spending more time there than being at home. I'm sure the enthusiasm won't last for long but at least, I enjoy skipping the jam home staying back there with friends either doing our work or just plainly crapping all night long. I can say, the environment is pretty nice at night.

Haven't been eating properly or having a proper diet for this week because I'm broke, trying to control my expenditure now. Gummy bears are addictive shit man !

*Dead bird at the carpark beside my car in taylors. Was quite close to squishing it, then I'll have to post it on

I can say, I'm enjoying Uni life now. Studying is a stressful thing, but I find the fun of being around people to share it. My class is made up of mostly people younger than me but, its all good. Its fun. 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Surreal Moments

*I love the natural laughter

Been staying back in the library in Taylors alot lately, it's almost like my 2nd home. I spend 3/4 of my day here practically. I would like to spend more time being at home now. Have not been eating properly nor having a decent diet because I'm just too lazy to find something good to eat. I'm also partially broke =/
I need more jobs so I can feed myself and also to get my new laptop, camera lens and perhaps a new body.

" Some emotions are hard to express. You'll have to feel it to understand it. " 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Bedroom Party

*Picture taken at a Vodka launch event @ the Bedrooms, Pavillion.
  This picture was hilarious, we carried a big 80X80cm soft box into the club to just disturb ppl
  Was incharge of a photobooth outside at the entrance. more pics coming up.
I will start climbing and make photography my hobby as a way to earn me some money. I am being mentored by a friend who is being mentored so I am indirectly being mentored twice lol. Anyways, I am glad to have someone in this field who is already quite good at it to guide me through, bringing me around giving me opportunities to shoot events and stuff that people don't normally get. I would say its a good experience and exposure to me.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Time to Pretend

* spotted this lil boy in Penang at Gurney Drive

I think I'm getting old, i don't feel the madness of getting as wild as before. Not sure if its due to the stress and pressure developed being in Uni or the people around that has killed the mood. Nowadays I'll need a couple of bottles at the end of the week to let loose with my buddies after going through a rough week. Not the clubbing kinda shit anymore but we'll just sit at a bar for hours and just drink and laugh our ass off [ LMAO ].

The one who cares the most will be the one who gets mad when you make mistakes. Those who doesn't matter will not give a shit. 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shimmering Light

*picture by Nicholas Chin. Copyrighted photo

A few days ago, had a job in Genting Highlands as Paparazi along with Nick and Phil. Went up right after class as it was a company dinner function up there. It was a pretty big dinner. We manage to complete that shoot by 8.30pm and it's such a waste if we go back. So we stayed and did some further experimental shots with Nick and Phil. We three turn out to do alot of experimental shots together, it's always fun. Only thing missing is a proper SUBJECT. Near the helipad there's this construction going on, the place caught our attention because as we look out, its a view of KL. The weather up there was chilly but awesome because we had enough heat down here in KL. 

People tend to like challenges to achieve, because something that comes easily, will most probably go away as easily 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Looking back

I'm a photo guy. I look back at photos regularly to remind myself, and also to remember those fond memories. This was a really random impromptu trip up to Genting one night after a midnight movie with the gang. Note, I still have my old Beiber hair there. Plainly just to chill and play guitar. If only everyone can live a simple life sometimes and keep worries away. 
People nowadays worry too much